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Midland Funding, LLC is a high volume debt buyer. The company is a subsidiary of the Encore Capital Group, Inc, and its headquarters are located at 8875 Aero Drive Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92123 and 4302 E. Broadway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85040. There are several other, related "Midland" entities, including Midland Credit Management, Inc. and MRC Receivables Corp.

  • Midland Funding is a VERY aggressive debt buyer, being very well financed, as they are a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group, Inc, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Midland Funding is the most active credit card debt litigator in Arizona, and uses law firms from both Phoenix and Tucson to represent them against consumers in Courts throughout the State. 
  • Midland Funding was fined $180,000 by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions in 2012 for unlawful collection practices.

They sue under the names of:

  • Midland Funding
  • Midland Credit Management, Inc. [MCM]
  • MRC Receivables Corp
  • Midland Funding NCC-2 Corporation
  • Midland Funding has developed a litigation format that automatically generates an enormous amount of legal paperwork/pleadings at specified times in a lawsuit, and consumers that represent themselves generally quickly that they are buried in paperwork, resulting in judgments being granted because the consumer was not knowledgeable enough in the law to respond in an effective/timely manner.
  • Because of their “litigation format”, they are usually not very responsive to a consumer’s request for settlement for less than the full amount demanded in the lawsuit.
  • The key to defeating a Midland Funding lawsuit is for the consumer to become “the aggressor”, utilizing Arizona Statutes, Arizona’s Rules of Civil Procedure, and Arizona’s Rules of Evidence to “take the fight” to Midland Funding.
  • Midland Funding, LLC is currently being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for its practices as a debt buyer suing consumers for “old” credit card debts.

    If you are being sued by Midland Funding or its representatives, or are suffering debt collection abuse or harassment at the hands of Midland Funding, contact the consumer lawyers at The Law Office of Richard Groves at (602) 230-0995 or CLICK HERE

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