Arrow Financial

  • Arrow Financial Services is one of the most aggressive debt buyers filing lawsuits against consumers in Arizona courts.
  • Arrow Financial Services has its main office in Illinois, with other offices in New York, Wisconsin, and Texas.
  • Arrow Financial Services has been sued several times for unlawful collection practices, including Nelson v. Arrow Financial Services, Inc., where a federal jury in California granted judgment AGAINST them for $100,000.
  • Arrow Financial Services is usually represented in its lawsuits against Arizona consumers by the law firm of Guglielmo & Associates, a VERY aggressive collection law firm in Tucson.
  • Arrow Financial Services, through Guglielmo & Associates, is VERY aggressive in garnishing the salaries and bank accounts of consumers after they obtain default judgment.
  • Don't be a victim of debt collection abuse.
  • If Arrow Financial Services is trying to force you to pay a debt you don't owe, or is using unfair and deceptive collection practices against you, contact The Consumer Lawyers at The Law Office of Richard Groves at (602) 230-0995 or CLICK HERE.

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